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Tours in Monteverde Costa Rica

Tours in Monteverde


Night tour in Monteverde Tropical Forest

During this experience, you will appreciate the Tropical forest of Monteverde from a different point view while you discover with us the wonders of nature which hides a lots of amazing creatures.

Join us and be in the middle of this big natural show

You and your guide will be exploring different spots in the forest to see the most of the biodiversity of the place


Keep in mind that about 85% of the Costa rican fauna is active at night 

You are more than welcome to let your senses feel the night walk experience.


Tour in Monteverde Tropical Cloud Forest 

Enjoy the experience of being in the amazing Tropical Cloud Forest of Monteverde, You'll feel like you're on top of the world, but really, you've reached the central point of the country's continental divide.
Explore the evergreen Forest from the inside and get the chance to appreciate the nature biodiversity such as 2,500 species of plants (more than 400 are orchids). 400 varieties of birds, usually very active at the morning 


Birdwatching in Monteverde

Enjoy the experience of doing Birdwatching in Monteverde, place which is home of about 400 different species like the very famous Resplendent Quetzal, Three Wattled Bellbird, Keel-billed Toucan, different species of flycatchers, warblers, and about 250 migratory species.

Your guide will show you around the places in Monteverde that are the most favorable to sight different bird species, You can decide which reserve to visit in Monteverde there's two options.

Join us and experience the abundant nature of Monteverde with a local guide.

sloth tour
Hoffman's two toed Sloth 


Monday - Sunday
8 a. m. - 10 p. m

night tours in monteverde

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Welcome to Olingo Expeditions


Committed to provide extraordinary experiences

We are a tour operator passionate about the natural beauties of Monteverde where our mission is to provide to our visitors unique experiences and encounters with nature and wildlife.

We feel very honored for being able to share our passion for nature through our activities in the tropical area of Monteverde. 


About Olingo Expeditions Monteverde

About Us

Our main goal as a local tour operator of Monteverde is to share with our visitors a wide variety of incredible natural experiences with an expert naturalist tour guide on the local flora & fauna of The Monteverde Tropical Cloud Forest.
The different experiences are planned to be very authentic as well  sustainable with the environment.

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Text us or call us here: +506 8428 4455

Let us know how we can help you.

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